Omikron CallHelp 500RXP Alpha Pocsag Color Touchscreen Pager

115.00 95.00

Full Color Alphanumeric Touchscreen Pager


Omikron CallHelp 500RXP Pocsag Alphanumerieke Color Touchscreen Pager. Toont real time 128 character berichten in display. Makkelijk instelbaar. Leverbaar met stevige ABS clip en lader.


1. 420~470Mhz frequency range

2. Working range of >200 meters at open area

3. 1.54” TN color touch screen

4. Receiving alphanumeric messages with 128 letters at max.

5. Pocsag code format

6. Chanel Spacing: 6.25 – 20Khz

7. Module: FSK

8. Paging Sensitivity: -110dbm

9. Baud Rate: 512/1200/2400bps

10. Spurious Emissions: <-69dbm

11. Capcode No.: 8

12. Selective PC/hand programmable

13. Lithium rechargeable battery



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